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Student modules.

The following modules have been developed by second year graduate entry medicine students as an exercise to develop an e-learning module in Gastroenterology / Hepatology, supported by MeadJohnson, UK. The modules were reviewed firstly, by consultant physicians / surgeons or other specialists working in the field to check for accuracy and academic standard and secondly, by groups of fourth year medical students based in the UK and overseas for the module’s educational value.

Differential Diagnosis of Diarrhoea Print E-mail

Author: Esther Godfrey

 Differential Diagnosis of Diarrhoea module.

The Differential Diagnosis of Diarrhoea module is available here.

Wilson's Disease Print E-mail

Author: Ben Winrow

 Wilson's disease module.

The Wilson's Disease module is available here.

Viral Hepatitides Print E-mail

Author: Sam Smith

 Viral hepatitides module.

The Viral Hepatitides module is available here.

Crohns Disease Print E-mail

Author: Abby Watkins

 Crohns disease module.

The Crohn's Disease module is available here.