The Ibadan-Swansea Partnership (ISP) Print

University College Hospital, Ibadan
University College Hospital, Ibadan

The ISP is a partnership in eLearning between Swansea Medical School, Swansea, UK and the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The ISP was launched in 2003 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between our two Universities. The ISP engages health professionals working in poorer countries in making computer-based modules in priority topics in international health. The modules are designed for self-study by health students and professionals working anywhere in the world. The modules are freely available through this website and the content is copyright-free.

The overall aim of the ISP is to produce readily-accessible, digital health education materials on priority diseases that will improve health care delivery and contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Why eLearning? Print

Question from a medical student in Nigeria: “Why do we not see our own patients in our own setting in the textbooks?”

We are impressed by the ability of eLearning to deliver effective educational resources to the many different settings where they are needed. Clinical images sourced locally can be included easily so that generic materials can be adapted to be immediately familiar to the target group. eLearning supports interactive, formative assessment so that the learner can track their progress. “The e in eLearning also stands for equity”: digital resources can be shared easily breaking down the barriers between teacher and learner and also between different cadres of health workers.

We have deliberately used a simple, widely-available format: MS Power Point. This allows the module content to be changed easily to suit the needs of students and staff in specific settings.